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Crazy Shark Catch The Fish Family Game

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Crazy Shark Catch The Fish Family Game

The Crazy Shark arcade game will be a great entertainment for the whole family. Its rules are very simple, but the fun requires cleverness and concentration. The cheerful sounds accompanying the games will make each of the players even more involved in the game, wanting to outsmart the shark and win. It is an interesting proposition for lazy afternoons, which will make every toddler develop their logical thinking, agility and ingenuity.

The set includes:
– shark,
– 24 cards,
– fish in four colors,
– user manual.

How to play? Open the shark’s mouth, mix all the colors of the fish and place them on the tongue of this crazy, predatory fish, and then flip the switch on the bottom of the toy – it will trigger the music that will accompany the game. Shuffle the attached cards and turn them face up. Draw the cards one by one. Each player should show the other players the color and number of fish on his card, and then very cleverly pull them out of the shark’s mouth. Remember to do it delicately and carefully – when the shark sees what you want to do, it will quickly close its mouth!

In a situation where a player draws an empty card, he may skip his turn or paint the chosen color of the fish and their number on a white background. The game continues as long as there are fish in the shark’s mouth. The winner is the competitor who gets the most fish. This is not the only variant of the game – you can define the rules of this game yourself.

The number of players is not limited – you can play with the whole family while having a fantastic time. If you do not try to remove the fish from the mouth of the voracious shark for about 3 minutes, it will close its mouth, the music will stop and the toy will go into standby mode. It is a very cost effective solution. A multicolored toy will encourage even the most demanding toddler to play – a gray shark mounted on a turquoise wave will be a great decoration for any room.

Crazy Shark game is intended for children over 5 years of age. The game has a CE certificate, all elements are made of attested, safe material, which is plastic. The construction of the shark is devoid of sharp ends and edges. The arcade game is packed in a colorful cardboard box with a transparent glass-case. To be able to start playing, 3 “AA” 1.5V batteries (not included) should be placed in the bottom part.

Dimensions of the set elements:

shark: 19.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 18 cm,
card: 9 cm x 6 cm,
fish: 3 cm.

Size of the package:

– 24 cm x 23.5 cm x 16.5 cm.

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