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Cleaning kit Trolley Mop Broom 9 Elements

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Cleaning Kit in Trolley

Toys which are inspired with realistic objects could connect pleasant fun with useful task, for example make the child use to chores. If your toddler happily helps you to clean in the house, give her/him own equipment consisting of the most important elements, which are placed in amazing trolley. All of the accessories included to the set are carbon copy their full-size counterparts, present in child-friendly way. Shapes of toys and also their colouring encourage to start the play, thanks of what child could feel more independent and more maturely, cleaning house with older people. 

The set includes:
– trolley,
– steam cleaner,
– mop,
– bowl,
– broom,
– dustpan,
– brush,
– soap,
– spray to various surfaces.

 Main element of cleaning set is a trolley which is seated on making the play easier wheels. Because of these wheels, the child has a possibility to walk with toys over whole house, and also it could be a place in which they can be stored. Another important advantage of a toy is steam cleaner, which makes sounds reminding real dusting. You should only power it with three pieces of 1,5 V AA batteries and press the button turning the toy on. Accessories which make easier doing the chores will allow for including a child to weekend clearing-up and copying parents and older siblings.

Toy trolley is filled with various tools for cleaning will be perfect as a gift. Spending time happily on fun, the child will learn how to correctly sweep and wash the floor. Colouring of the set is neutral, it consists of red, green and white colour. We are pretty sure that it will work out for a girl as well for a boy. Dimensions of toys are adjusted to hands of little children thanks of what the fun will be very comfortable and simple. Material which was used to the toy’s production is very durable, solid and lasting, and primarily – safe. The Cleaning kit has a CE certificate which is guarantee that the toy makes requirements of European Union. Trolley with accessories is packed into colourful box in the type of a suitcase, on which top is placed a handle facilitating carrying the toy.  

Dimensions of toy’s elements:
– trolley: 32 cm x 51,5 cm x 32 cm,
– broom: 50 cm x 13,5 cm,
– bowl: 13,5 cm x 4,5 cm,
– steam cleaner: 13 cm x 14 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:
– 48 cm x 38 cm x 14,5 cm.

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