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Blackboard with Stamps and Colorful Background

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Blackboard with Stamps and Colorful Background

The toy which probably is known by every parent and attendant from the times of their childhood. On this magnetic board you can draw disappearing pictures how many times you want – but it is not everything! It is a great form of fun, the same as support which develops manual and plastic abilities of a child.

How this magnetic board works? This is very simple educational toy. Over the screen’s surfaced there are placed iron fillings, which during drawing with special scribber in the shape of the shell style themselves into created by a child pattern. The draws could be made out how many times the child will desire, to wash out the painting, you just have to gently shift the slider placed in the lower part of an object. To allow this magic board serve your child for a long time it is necessary to draw on it only with included to the set magnetic scribber. Under no circumstances you can not use classic pens, markers or inky pens to draw on the screen’s surface. 

The surface under the screen is divided into 8 parts, each of them is filled with different colour. This innovation idea significantly raises the jollies from the fun, thanks of what the drawings could be more interesting. Stamps with figurines can decorate paintings, they imprint a heart, star and a circle. The toy is kept in marine tone, yellow, sandy board is connected with purple element with colourful shells and starfishes. This product is made out in very scrupulous and aesthetic way, thanks of what it will not only encourage a child to the fun but also will be used by a child for a long time. 

Your child will find in this set:
– blackboard
– 3 stamps,
– scribber int he shape of a shell.

Dimensions of blackboard:
– 36 cm x 31 cm x 3 cm.

Dimensions of background to draw on it:
– 27 cm x 19 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:
– 46 cm x 36 cm x 4 cm.

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