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Big Truck with 12 cars Suitcase

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Big Truck with 12 Cars Suitcase

We present a toy for young automotive enthusiasts with many surprises! We are sure that a truck with small cars with springs will be a dream come true for all fans and collectors of these little cars. Importantly, on the other side of the vehicle, there are 12 cars where the child can place his current collection.

The set consists of:

– a large truck with a semi-trailer,
– 12 small cars.

The presented truck is very large, it resembles a classic model, to which the colorful stickers placed on the driver’s cabin refer to – it is equipped with 6 movable wheels that allow the child to have fun. The vehicle is made of durable, solid plastic that is resistant to damage. On its roof there is a retractable handle, which makes it easy to carry the set – however, it does not interfere with the fun, because it is then completely invisible.

Sorters for springs have a transparent cover, which has a mounting in the upper part of the toy, which guarantees protection against falling out during transport. The resorbines attached to the toy are cars that will certainly encourage you to play. The set includes both passenger cars, classic and convertible cars, as well as military off-road vehicles. All these models are made of a combination of plastic and metal, which, combined with modern design, makes them a perfect complement to the fun. The red truck can be used as a container for smaller cars, a separate toy, and even a tow truck – it all depends on the boy’s imagination.

We believe that this toy is a great idea that will both make the child a habit to clean, facilitate the storage of toys, and also will look great in the child’s collections, impressing him with its size and a number of applications. The car is packed in a colorful box with a glass-case, making it a perfect gift for a small automotive fan. All elements used in the production of the toy are non-toxic and safe for children, which is confirmed by the CE certificate granted to the product. The toy is intended for all children over 3 years of age.

Dimensions of the set elements:

truck: 51 cm x 17 cm x 10 cm,
display cases for cars: 35 cm x 13 cm,
the smallest car: 8 cm x 4 cm x 3 cm,
the largest car: 9 cm x 4 cm x 5 cm.

Size of the package:

52 cm x 20 cm x 10.5 cm

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