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Basketball For +2 Players Manual Game of Skill

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 Manual basketball with bunker of balls

 We present manual mini-basketball, consisting of jib to game, board with holes, 10 balls in two colours and two bunkers for players. The game will not only make a huge joy to every player, it will also improve their cleverness, agility and coordination.

 How to play in this game? After folding a target, the bunkers should be placed in choosen by players distance. Each of players receive five balls in one colour. Each of players put ball on the bunker and aim to the board, to hit in one of the holes – they are labeled with different amount of points – 20, 30, 50 and 100. After ended competition, the points gathered by each player should be totalled to emerge a winner. 

Another variant of a game also exist – it reminds noughts and crosses with its colours system. The tournament is won by this player, which will make that his three balls will take adjoined places – horizontally, vertically or obliquely. This is not the last of game’s options – the rules could be laid according to your own, original idea. 

 Elements consisting on a toy are made out of solid and durable material. Colouring of a toy is very warm and eye-catching, what will certainly encourage everybody to play. Mini-basketball has a CE certificate, is safe and non-toxic toy. This object is adjusted for all of the children over 3 years old. The set is packed into small, convenient box, thanks of what the toy doesn’t take a lot of place. 

Dimensions of elements:
– folded basket: 27 cm x 15 cm,
– board: 12 cm x 12 cm,
– bunker: 11 cm x 6 cm.

Dimensions of packaging:
– 26 cm x 19,5 cm x 6 cm.

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