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Artificial Christmas Tree with Snow 250cm

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From year to year, more and more people are convinced of the artificial Christmas tree. This is due to the desire to save the life of the Christmas tree, which is usually thrown away after fulfilling its task, and to acting in the spirit of the Less Waste idea. An artificial Christmas tree can be used for several years without any problems, while serving many generations.

The tree looks like a real, natural winter pine. The needles are made in a way that prevents accidental pricking – they are not hard, but at the same time remain stiff. Green twigs are densely placed, which makes the Christmas tree look very aesthetically. They are covered with white paint imitating snow, adding to the festive mood in your living room. The Christmas tree has a modular structure, which gives it two additional advantages: the unfolded Christmas tree can be stored more conveniently, and after folding only the extreme parts, without the middle one, we get a low and wide-spread Christmas tree, perfect as a more delicate, undersized ornament.

A modern Christmas tree not only looks beautiful, it is also practical. By placing it on a stable tripod, it stands firmly on the ground, it can be easily moved to various corners of our apartment. The twigs are stiff and well set, they will not bend under the weight of Christmas decorations. At the same time, they are easy to “rearrange” it in order to increase the density of twigs in the desired place.

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Težina 8 kg
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125-130 cm

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