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Soap Bubble Gun Unicorn Purple


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Soap Bubble Gun Unicorn Purple

A soap bubble gun is a toy that will appeal to every child – both boys and girls. Playing with it allows you to admire rainbow soap bubbles floating in the air, which beautifully sparkle in different colors. This gun has many advantages: it makes the fun of light effects more pleasant, and in a time when a man is able to make only one bubble using a classic set, this gun can make dozens of them.

The set for making soap bubbles consists of:
– a unicorn-shaped gun
– 2 pieces of spare fluids

The construction of the presented toy combines the construction characteristic of pistols with the design related to unicorns. As you can see, it comes together in a fantastic way, turning an ordinary soap bubble machine into an original, unusual toy. A big advantage is the special effects in the form of a glowing element, which are activated when the trigger is pressed. The handling of the toy gun is very simple, it is pictured on the back of the packaging. It is enough to unscrew the cap of the bottle with the liquid, remove the protection and screw it to the gun. Each time you press the trigger, beautiful, colorful soap bubbles will start coming out of the gun.

After playing, unscrew the bottle with the liquid and put it in a safe place. The innovative formula of the liquid makes its composition safe and non-toxic, and the bubbles are extremely durable and durable. However, it is worth remembering to clean the gun from time to time. To do this, unscrew the bottle with the liquid and wipe the razor with a wet cloth. Thanks to this procedure, the toy gun will serve the child for a long time, guaranteeing him great fun.

The toy soap bubble gun is intended for all children over 3 years of age. The bubble gun has a CE certificate, and its production complies with the EN 71 standard, which guarantees the safety of use. The gun is packed in a blister, which makes it look very aesthetic.

Dimensions of the set elements:
– gun: 23 cm x 19 cm x 6 cm
– reserve: 8 cm x 3.5 cm

Size of the package:
– 30 cm x 22 cm

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