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Soap Bubble Fire Brigade Car Drives Game


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Soap Bubble Fire Brigade Car Drives Game

A toy like no other! The children’s fire engine is interactive and holds many surprises. The fire engine pops beautiful rainbow-coloured soap bubbles as it drives. All you have to do is remove the stopper, pour in the liquid using the funnel and you’re done.
The toy fire engine not only entertains the toddler, but also promotes healthy development and educates. Playing together with the child with the presented product will develop the toddler’s imagination and creativity, as well as stimulate motor skills, hearing, vision and motor coordination.

What, apart from releasing soap bubbles, does this fire engine feature?
It makes the typical firefighter’s siren sounds, flashes red with the rooster and blue with the lights on the roof, raises and extends the ladder, illuminating it in green, and turns the water rocket 45° to the left and right. In addition, it spins the wheels and basket and, most importantly, playfully moves the eyes from side to side and extends the tongue. The interactive fire engine has an intelligent obstacle avoidance system. When it encounters an obstacle, it changes its direction on its own.


The set consists of:

– a fire engine,
– Bubble fluid,
– Funnel for the liquid.

Dimensions of the fire engine:

– 29 cm x 14.5 cm x 12.5 cm.

Dimensions of toy pack:

– 33 cm x 19 cm x 13.5 cm
The children’s fire engine is made of sturdy, durable plastic material. Its colours and design refer to the characteristic colours of the fire brigade. The toy is CE certified, which means it is safe to play with. Due to the small parts included, the toy is suitable for all toddlers over the age of 3.
The toy is powered by 5 “AA” batteries, which are not included.

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24 szt.

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