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Jumping Frogs Arcade Game With Launchers


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Jumping Frogs Arcade Game With Launchers

Jumping frogs is a new version of the well-known flea game. It requires dexterity, cleverness and commitment from players, giving them a lot of fun in return! It is a great way to spend a free afternoon with your family, guaranteeing a lot of joy and laughter.

What is the Jumping Frogs game? Each player’s task is to help the frog reach the leaf. The first person to put the three frogs on the leaves wins. But make no mistake, the game is not that simple – remember about the crocodile, which is constantly waiting for falling frogs.

The Jumping Frogs game will bring a lot of joy to both the youngest family members and their caretakers. It will also be a fantastic entertainment for siblings and peers. The assembly of the stand and the leaves is very simple – the instructions on the packaging show the assembly of all elements in a few simple steps. The cheerful game is intended for all children over 3 years of age.

The kit includes:

– a stand in the form of a lake

– tree

– leaves

– frogs 9 pieces

– two launchers

Tree height:

28 cm

Size of the package:

38 cm x 25 cm

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