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54 Keys Keyboard Music Instrument Microphone


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54 Keys Keyboard Music Instrument Microphone

Organ and other multifunctional musical instruments are toys that pleasantly develop the artistic soul and musical passion in children, also having a positive effect on their motor coordination, patience and concentration. Learning to play the keyboard makes the child learn to be systematic and strive to achieve the set goal. The presented keyboard will strengthen the toddler’s sense of rhythm and sense of hearing.

The keyboard consists of 54 keys, as well as a large number of buttons to start:
– 1 of 10 songs
– 1 of 100 different keys, such as church organ, rock, harmonies, banjo, jazz
– 1 of 100 different rhythms – including blues, twist, pop, shuffle
– 5 types of drums,
– 2 learning modes,
– recording and playback of sounds,
– button for adjusting the volume and tempo.

Why choose these organs? They are amazing! Their light construction allows the toy to be carried and placed on a table or desk, so that the child can organize his shows in every corner of the apartment. The keyboard is equipped with two large stereo speakers, so that its volume is properly adjusted to the home conditions. On the top of the organ there is a green backlit LCD display – it makes it easy to select songs, key or tempo, which makes the keyboard an intuitive item to use.

The keyboard has two inputs at the rear of its design – for a 230 V power supply and two additional speakers. There is a possibility to put in them 6 pieces of AA 1.5V batteries, which are not included in the set. The instrument has a CE safety certificate, intended for every child over 3 years of age. It is packed in an original box, making it perfect for a gift. Its universal, silver color and streamlined shape make it sure to encourage the child to play.

Keyboard dimensions:

– 60 cm x 20 cm.

Size of the package:

– 63 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm.

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Težina 3 kg
Pieces per Cartoon

18 szt.

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